Valuing a property for sale in Derby is a skillful business. Anyone can have an opinion on what they think a property is worth and indeed most people do. However, accurately pricing properties for sale, whilst ensuring that they achieve the best price is a whole different ball game and something which is critical to ItsLettings’ success.

Our expert local know-how enables us to know exactly how much a property for sale in Derby is worth. There is a fine line between enough and too much. Only by carefully treading that line do we achieve the maximum possible value, in a timescale that suits your plans. If over-valued, the loveliest home can languish on the market gathering dust, looking somehow suspicious. If we under-valued, you risk under selling it or creating concern amongst buyers that there is something wrong with it. That’s why we won’t over-value your home to coax you into instructing us; nor will we under-value it to bag a quick sale. Neither approach gets you the right result.

Some houses are more equal than others, just as no two people are alike. The way that some agents think and work, you’d be forgiven for believing that estate agents in Derby treat homes as mere commodities. However, at ItsLettings we know that bricks and mortar are only part of the equation: even if they’re on the same side of the same street and they’re exactly the same size, two properties can have different values to different buyers.

So, its only by taking the time to understand the quirks, layout, charms and features of the properties we sell that we’re able to get the maximum possible price. Of course getting the right result when you sell your home isn’t entirely about the money – the experience you have makes a big difference, which is why we’ll invest time in getting to know our buyers and sellers as well as the homes we sell.

If you’d like to find out more about selling your home through ItsLettings or would like to arrange an up-to-date valuation, please contact us.